Chemical Injection / Purging & Pressure Testing Services

Complete Chemical Injection & Capillary Line Services:

  • Specialized Thermocouple completion services
  • Both in house and on site pressure testing and purging
  • Customs check valves and fittings
  • Extensive welding procedure/ processes
  • Custom check valves
  • Burst disk (comes with body)
  • Rebuild kits to keep cost down
  • X-rays of Line / Welds
  • Custom Capillary units that are capable to run two lines and/or haul more reels, more clamps for specific customer projects all on one unit
  • Spool trucks that can run up to 3 lines for ESP and Auxiliary lines.
  • In shop spoolers, counters, orbital welding, X-Ray capability
  • Purging and pressure testing customer inventory
  • Detailed benchmark reports (Bristol Pressure Testing Charts) provided for customers