Since our opening in 2006, Rigid has been an industry leader when it comes to safety, quality and customer satisfaction. The services we propose offer unique and distinct qualities, setting us apart from all other vendors. We operate a fleet of custom made, spooling trucks to install and recover electric submersible pumping systems. At Rigid, all of our service equipment utilizes Tire Drive Technology and hydraulic sliding decks allowing the equipment itself to reposition spools instead of the traditional method of rolling them by hand, which increases our efficiency and safety.

Our spooling and banding service is compatible to Spool ESP Cable and Capillary Line, we are also equipped to purge the line. We are able to restore and recondition used Cannon Guards, and are the only service provider ready and able to offer this service on site or at our home base. Our operators and technicians will also have specialty tools to lay down ESP Pumps such as clamps, hand tools, pneumatic tools and electricity meters for testing ESP Cable.

We have a demonstrated record of delivering high quality, reliable services via complex projects. We have a history of working closely, effectively, and with great synergy alongside large numbers of other vendors and clients on projects. We are a trusted service provider which strives to excel in all aspects of customer service as well as field operations.

Not only are we spooling, banding and clamping experts, we also provide over twenty (20) years’ experience in laying down pumps. Our hot shot units are equipped with 8 ton pickers to unload and reload equipment anywhere, anytime. This added benefit of the picker creates costs savings for our clients, as well as time savings to promote faster more efficient operations. We strive to assist customers with all projects in various additional ways such as designing new specific spooling equipment to minimize services on site, or design parts/tools, mule shoes to line support hangers.